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Ray Child Ray Child February 20, 2012

How to Choose an Accountability Partner

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Last week, we introduced the concept of using an Accountability Partner to keep yourself on track to reaching your health and fitness resolutions.

Once you have decided you need an accountability partner to help establish your regular hot yoga practice, how do you choose one? Sometimes, the solution is easy or it seems like the selection is made for you—your girlfriends that you signed up with, your roommate, your partner, etc. But whomever you select—make sure that they are someone who is not going to let you slip through the cracks easily. They are committed to seeing you achieve your very best self and are not going to settle for excuses…and they expect the same from you. You have to be willing to return the favor!

Want to see what it feels like or try out a potential "candidate"? If you are a Signature member, you are always able to bring a guest with you. Bring your spouse, your co-worker or your dad—whomever! Recruit them! See what that other person in your life thinks about Sunstone - you may have a new partner in fitness! Anyone new to Sunstone is eligible for our 10 days for $10 program, so Premier and Choice members can introduce friends to hot yoga via this inexpensive option.

<imgtitle="special src="" width="190" height="190">A great place for Signature members to meet like-minded individuals is at one of our free Special Classes. (Check in our studios for the schedule of upcoming Special Classes.) Do you know everyone at your studio? This is a great time to find someone who is also looking for a little extra motivation to stay in their practice. Each Special Class will be preceded by a Meet and Greet as well as refreshments afterwards.</imgtitle="special>

Once you have an accountability partner, make sure you explicitly define what you're committing to, what you hope to accomplish—3 days a week for a month, Metal class every Friday for 3 months, or even a 60-day challenge. You don’t necessarily have to attend class together! However, knowing up front what you really want will help keep you on track as time passes and your motivation possibly ebbs.

Set up a system for checking in with your partner—that way if you have to make last minute plans, you can update your partner: “Baby sick, can’t make the 6 a.m. … Will sneak in the 5:15 Fire.” It also provides an outlet for your partner to hold you accountable: “Earth class was great! Sorry that you missed it. When are you planning to make up?” You can also check in with your partner to share successes and defeats. Two pounds lighter on the scale? Text your buddy. (For groups, check out the texting service at Battling the siren call of the cupcakes in the break room? Send an email.

Don’t be afraid to push back on your partner, too. You are in this relationship for mutual gain. If you find your partner slacking—let them know so that they feel comfortable enough to tell you when you aren’t holding up your end of the bargain. Remember, this isn’t your “yoga buddy.” This is not someone who you just exercise with—they are someone with whom you share your practice. These are people tied into and dependent upon your success. They are just as interested in seeing you achieve your goals as they are in achieving their own goals.

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