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Wendy Boyce Wendy Boyce April 27, 2016

Yoga vs. Fitness

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Get out of the box: Yoga vs. fitness – Are you achieving your absolute best?

If you would have asked me ten years ago – “Do you prefer yoga or fitness?” I would have said, without hesitation, “yoga”. That’s it, end of story. Fitness wasn’t even on my radar (Ok, maybe for a little while in college I got into circuit training, but it never got very serious.)

I hear similar conversations frequently in the studio and outside the studio, with responses such as – “I’m a yoga person” or “I’m a fitness person” or “I only do yoga” or “I only docrossfit” or “I only do spinning classes”.

This makes me cringe (because I used to say this), and in my experience, this phrase made me sound a bit fanatical (which is somewhat true) and put me in a very tiny box -  for a 6 ft. tall socially energetic individual, the space was very cramped.

Something happened about four years ago, a studio where I taught yoga also offered high energy weight lifting classes, and barre classes. I made the decision to get out of the confines of my box and I try those classes. To my surprise, I ended up loving them!

About the same time, I began to hike and run trails. Me – run? Two words I never thought would be in the same sentence! I felt myself getting stronger, and my body was certainly changing – more muscle tone (in the places I was needing it the most), greater cardiovascular strength, and overall more energy. I had fewer to no injuries. I felt empowered.

What had taken me so long? It was that phrase I kept telling myself and others – “I’m a yoga person”. Now that I’ve taken that phrase out of my vocabulary, I am liberated. An abundance of health and fitness modalities are now at my disposal!I feel more balanced in my body than ever. I have reached fitness goals I never knew I had, and happily I no longer have injuries (my knees – from continuously stretching my joints and ligaments without strengthening them properly, and my wrists especially – now that I’ve rescued them from the constant stress and strain of vinyasa).

Along with the yoga classes (Hot Yoga, Flow Yoga, and Power Flow) at SunstoneFIT I now I teach and take Barre, CoreFIT and CardioFIT, and regularly take HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).

The students at Sunstone have noticed the changes in class repertoire the last year or so. At first students were skeptical of these changes and many openly complained. I have seen and heard a shift in this behavior. Those students that only used to do Fire90 (You know who you are - I used to be one of them) are now trying the other classes or have been doing them for a while. These students are now raving about the changes that are occurring in their bodies.

Are there goals you may not know you have the power to achieve? This is the main focus at SunstoneFIT. We want to provide a safe environment for you to get outside of your box, your comfort zone, and achieve your absolute best body, mind, and attitude. What is holding you back? Now when people ask what I prefer, I reply, “Everything, I am a whole body person. I seek to challenge myself mentally and physically and, above all, have the best life experience possible. I still love practicing yoga and gratefully do so whenever possible. But I am no longer afraid to get outside of that stuffy old box and try something new. I urge you to do the same, who knows, you may even like it and the potential it will bring!

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