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Ray Child Ray Child September 9, 2013

Say Hello to Yoga Core

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Our Yoga Core Series (previously called Wood) is the perfect performance-enhancing complement to your fitness practice. For years, Sunstone has helped its members improve their balance, core strength, and overall fitness with this unique class, and now we're taking it to the next level! It's still the great blend of Pain-Free Yoga™, Pilates, and resistance stretching that you know and love--but with a few twists.

So what's changed?

- Updated language. The Yoga Core concepts are important and subtle, and can confuse new students (or even experienced practitioners!). We've changed some easily misunderstood phrases and terms to be more accessible. For example, you won't hear anyone talking about "20% effort" anymore. Don't worry, your favorite reactivation exercises like Strong Pigeon and Strong Wind Relieving aren’t going anywhere! They've just been repackaged. Even someone who has been taking Wood for years can gain new insight from the updated wording.

Strong_wind_relieving- New Sequence The revamped order is designed to energize you right from the start of class, and keep the energy flowing. Periods of high intensity are broken up--sometimes with "reset" postures like a quick Cat or Bridge, and sometimes in sets (we no longer do all 96 crunches at once!)--to keep you from fizzling out. Your mind and body will stay engaged from start to finish.

- New postures. Craving variety? Even a classic sequence like Wood can use a little spicing up every now and then! In addition to all your old favorites, look for new additions like Bridge Figure 4, Dynamic Standing Glute Raises, and more. It's a great chance to put all the strength you've built in the rest of class into action.

The updated Yoga Core series is coming to Sunstone studios everywhere on September 7th, 2014. Try it out and let us know what you think!

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